​​We tell you the whole truth...so you can make the best auto repair decision  for you, your car, and your family.

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What if you could trust your mechanic to tell you the whole truth about your car?  What if your mechanic helped you create and understand a plan to affordably maintain your vehicle?  What if your mechanic put your best interest first?
At Faith Works Automotive we think that’s exactly how auto repair should be. 

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We are a full service  auto repair & maintenance shop serving the Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler area of Arizona with many years of consistent, friendly service.  Together our ASE Certified Technicians have over 70 years of combined professional auto repair experience. Our goal is to give our customers quality service and expert advice.
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What do we mean by "the whole truth"?

Unfortunately, we see it every day. New customers come in frustrated that they’ve spent thousands of dollars on their car and never seem to get their problems resolved. In way too many cases, we find added repairs or maintenance that didn’t even pertain to the customer's concern. You see, many car repair shops will pick and choose what they present to their customers. Service advisors will often only sell high profit margin items or what they think they can sell, while the most important priorities and needs are never addressed. Let’s face it, car repair is expensive, but unneeded repairs are insurmountable. We promise to completely inspect your vehicle and let you know about everything we see. Not so we can sell you more, but so you can make the right repair decisions. We think that’s the only way to do business!
Half-truths equals whole lies.

​Why choose us?

​•  As a family owned business, we’re not obsessed with gross profit percentages and high repair order averages. At Faith Works Automotive our top priority is YOU, our valued customer. We train and empower our team members to do the right thing. To properly diagnose your vehicle and present to you the whole truth. We take the time to explain all your vehicles needs and your repair options. no games, no hidden fees, Just honest auto repair at a fair price.

•  We have the right tools to diagnose and repair your vehicle. In fact we have factory scan tools and specialty equipment for most domestic and asian vehicles.

•  We only employ team members with a minimum of five years experience in the automotive industry while providing continued education.  In fact together our team members have over 70 years of professional auto repair experience.  All of our technicians are ASE certified.

•  We offer our customers a free loaner vehicle for repairs that require more than four hours of labor. (Subject to availability)

•  We stand behind our work with a nationwide 24 month / 24,000 mile parts and labor warranty.

•  Most importantly we care about you!

Voted "Best of Mesa" five years in a row.

​We have a plan!

 At Faith Works Automotive we have a plan, a modus operandi if you will. Our plan begins with you. First set an appointment, give us a call today or click a link below to email us. Once your appointment is set, we will clearly explain any upfront costs or diagnostic fees. On the day of your visit, we promise to carefully listen to your concerns as well as ask you many questions so that we might get a clear understanding of how you use your vehicle. We may even request to go for a drive with you, so that we may verify your needs. After that, our highly experienced team will take over. We promise to properly diagnose your vehicle and document everything we see. We will then create an itemized estimate and take the time to clearly explain all services that are to be performed. We will tell you the whole truth about your car and help you prioritize your vehicles needs in order to fit your budget. We will then help you create a long-term maintenance plan to make vehicle ownership more affordable. Once your repairs and services are approved, we will perform all repairs with top quality parts and make it a priority to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We don’t play games, or have hidden service fees. Our process is completely transparent. Once you are back behind the driver seat, you can have the peace of mind that you are backed by our 24 month / 24,000 mile nationwide warranty, and you are back in control of your vehicle.
Click to call 480-833-3521 340 N Dobson Rd, Mesa, AZ, 85201
Click to Make an appointment at 340 N Dobson Rd, Mesa Az 85201

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SureCritic Customer Reviews

  1. Wilda / Harry P. in Mesa
    "Happily Repaired!" We called at 8am and they looked at it at 9am and it was repaired and we were on our way about 11:15..
  2. ED / NORMALEA D. in Mesa, AZ
    "I appreciated the atmosphere and it seemed that John had all the time in the world for me. I am very happy." The timing worked out very well for the establishment and myself as well.
  3. Bruce S. in Sun City West, AZ
  4. obert m. in Livingston, TX
    "First visit to Faith Works Auto" I felt that the staff genuinely had the best interests of the customers at heart. The price was fair and the service was performed in a timely manner.
  5. MANUEL L. in Mesa, AZ
    "Service - Kept to their word. " Great service, great staff, honest and keep to their word. Honestly the best place I've ever been for service. They dropped and picked me up when my vehicle was ready, that was cool. I will continue take my car to faith works because I trust them.
  6. Kathleen S. in Tempe, AZ
    "Love Faithworks!" Quick, well-informed, and wonderful (as always!)
  7. David C. in Mesa
    "Great customer service and good quality" This guys are honest, and they do the work fast.